The Helping Hands concierge offers you this package that will allow you to have regular monitoring and control of your property throughout the year thanks to:

  • 1 Monthly visit with control
  • 1 Visit with climatic weather control
  • Preparing and setting up your property
  • Opening/closing of the shutters and ventilation of the housing
  • The start/stop or maintenance of heating, hot water and household appliances,
  • The search for qualified providers in case of work or emergency

Annual plan, you pay monthly the benefits you need. All additional services (housekeeping, garden maintenance and swimming pool) will be charged in addition to this package. Travel over a geographical radius of 20 kms around GOURDON is included. Out-of-area travel: 0.55 cts/km ANOTHER POSSIBLE BENEFIT Refreshment and small "updated" decoration of your property, on request. Do you still want to have a custom package for your property? Do not hesitate to contact us, helping hands will write a quotation based on your expectations.